15th August 2023

Back to the roots!

As of mid-August, the partnership between Barrel Roll Games, and our publisher, Daedalic Entertainment, has officially ended.
After 5 years of cooperation, we decided in 2022 to go our own way again and thus take publishing into our own hands, as we did when we started our journey with Witch It. We would like to thank Daedalic for their commitment over the last few years, especially the team members with whom we have been in regular correspondence. Thank you!

So what does this mean for you?

This is the first of many steps towards a long-term plan we have been cooking up for the past year, that we hope will put a huge smile on your face. Please stay tuned as we reveal more information about our next major content update, titled “Dreamland” and our first console port once they’re ready soon™!
Daedalic promotional items will also remain obtainable as usual.
We, the entire Barrel Roll Games team, are looking forward to the exciting years to come!